Nexon ‘Elsword’ animation ‘Elsword: El Lady’ VVIP premiere held

- The Premiere held inviting 900 users at the CGV Pangyo, Complex 4 on Dec. 10th, 2016.-Revealed the animation with the 'Elsword' story background and in-game characters for the first time-Distributed the tickets first-come, first served in the morning on the event day at the 'Elsword' brand shop located in Hyundai Department Store, Pangyo branch.Nexon(CEO, Park Jiwon) announced on Dec. 6th that the animation of 'Elsword', action RPG developed by KOG(CEO, Lee Jongwon) - 'Elsword: El Lady' VVIP premiere will be held.The the premiere will be held by showing the first episode five…continue reading →

‘The Legend of Mir’ converted into novel-webtoon-animation… Wemade kicked into the IP business

Wemade kicked into the expansion of the IP business for its representative online game, 'The Legend of Mir.' On Nov.15, Wemade Entertainment (CEO Jang Hyunguk) announced that the company made the joint enterprise contracts with 'Mr. Blue', 'Bookpal', and 'DR Movie along with a famous martial arts novel author in a bid to expand the IP business of 'The Legend of Mir.' First, two fo the famous martial arts novel authors, 'Jwabaek' and 'Jinsan' are planning to publish a martial arts novel based on 'The Legend of Mir'. 'Jwabaek' has debuted with a…continue reading →

Studio Tour – DR MOVIE

High Quality Animation Production Company Back in the early nineties, most of the domestic animators shunned getting works from one particular Japanese animation studio. The reason was the high level of difficulty of their works. So, their 'green scene envelope' was an object of fear for animators. However, only DR MOVIE was willing to take the work. They thought that if they can handle such difficult works, other works can be dealt much easier. However, they could not get any easier works afterwards. 'Difficult works for DR Movie' was like a formula then,…continue reading →