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Back in the early nineties, most of the domestic animators shunned getting works from one particular Japanese animation studio. The reason was the high level of difficulty of their works. So, their ‘green scene envelope’ was an object of fear for animators.
However, only DR MOVIE was willing to take the work. They thought that if they can handle such difficult works, other works can be dealt much easier. However, they could not get any easier works afterwards. ‘Difficult works for DR Movie’ was like a formula then, so they ended up getting more works with high-level difficulty. During that time, DR MOVIE worked together with MAD HOUSE, Studio Ghibli, Gonzo, Sunrise and Production IG from Japan, and Film Roman, HBO, and Sony Columbia from U.S. Their relationship with DR MOVIE has strengthened by the number of the works produced by DR MOVIE. These studios are still continuing the production cooperation relationship with DR MOVIE.


The OEM Production of DR MOVIE

In Japan, DR is known for being the only studio that can handle the works from MAD HOUSE known to high-difficulty works. Regarding high-quality animation film, besides its exclusive partner MAD HOUSE, leading studios in Japan such as Gonzo, Matrix, and Digimation are offering works for DR. Not many people know about the fact that the only international production partner of Ghibli Studio is DR MOVIE.

Since the first production collaboration (digital painting) with Ghibli Studio on ‘Princess Mononoke’ in 1997, DR managed to do the inbetweening and digital post production for ‘Spirited Away’ by director Miyazaki Hayao. It reconfirmed that DR is the animation studio with the best production skills in Korea both in name and reality.

In the U.S. Market, since DR produced ‘Wing Commander’ by Universal Cartoon Studios in 1996, DR carried out the entire main production for high-quality animation films such as ‘Spawn’ by HBO and ‘X-MEN’ by Film Roman successfully. The production technical skills of DR is highly acclaimed in the U.S.


Strengthening the Capacity for Preproduction

The Japanese studios have been keeping the preproduction part (from scenario to storyboarding) to themselves as it is the core of the animation production technology. Even though they wanted to request the preproduction to the production companies in Korea, most studios could not take the offer due to the limited production capacity. In order to strengthen the preproduction capacity, DR has been training professionals and accumulating the production know-hows consistently. This efforts can be a milestone in a respect of setting up the direction where Korean animation industry should head to and establishing the infrastructure for creating original animation films.


Global Contents Power Based On Self-developed Contents

For DR, the last 10 years was for obtaining production technical skills of the leading studios. However, DR MOVIE has pledged to prepare the next 10 years to practice ‘global contents powers’ based on the ‘self-developed contents.’

The Animaitoon/Studio Tour – DR MOVIE/Aug. 2001 (NO.32)

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