Wemade kicked into the expansion of the IP business for its representative online game, ‘The Legend of Mir.’

On Nov.15, Wemade Entertainment (CEO Jang Hyunguk) announced that the company made the joint enterprise contracts with ‘Mr. Blue’, ‘Bookpal’, and ‘DR Movie along with a famous martial arts novel author in a bid to expand the IP business of ‘The Legend of Mir.’

First, two fo the famous martial arts novel authors, ‘Jwabaek’ and ‘Jinsan’ are planning to publish a martial arts novel based on ‘The Legend of Mir’.

‘Jwabaek’ has debuted with a martial arts novel called ‘Daedo-oh’ and became a center of the martial arts novel with hits such as ‘Chunmagunlim’ and ‘Hyulgirin-woejeon’. Jinsan is the first female martial arts novelist and she is actively writing various genres such as martial arts, romance, and fantasy.

‘Mr. Blue’ is planning to introduce a unique style webtoon. Considering the service in China in the future, it will be produced in Chinese simultaneously.

A web-novel will be introduced in ‘Bookpal’ which shows a gradual growth among web-novel platforms. ‘Bookpal’ is providing the service so that people can enjoy the web-novel contents easily. They are supporting many individual web-novel authors and running various programs.

Regarding the web-novel for ‘The Legend of Mir’, young author Park Myoungsik will reinterpret its world view and contents and write the novel.

Finally, Wemade is discussing the production of a feature animation based on ‘The Legend of Mir’ with ‘DR Movie’, the main production company for ‘The Batman’, ‘Justice League Action’, and ‘Spirited Away’. Its production will take place as Chinese-Korean joint production.

Gametok Reporter Seo Dongmin cromdandy@naver.com

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