– The Premiere held inviting 900 users at the CGV Pangyo, Complex 4 on Dec. 10th, 2016.
-Revealed the animation with the ‘Elsword’ story background and in-game characters for the first time

-Distributed the tickets first-come, first served in the morning on the event day at the ‘Elsword’ brand shop located in Hyundai Department Store, Pangyo branch.

Nexon(CEO, Park Jiwon) announced on Dec. 6th that the animation of ‘Elsword’, action RPG developed by KOG(CEO, Lee Jongwon) – ‘Elsword: El Lady’ VVIP premiere will be held.

The the premiere will be held by showing the first episode five times from 11 AM to 3 PM at CGV complex 4 located in Hyundai Department Store, Pangyo branch on Dec. 10th. The full version of the first episode will be revealed for the first time with the secret footage.

The tickets will be distributed to 900 people by first-come, first served at the ‘Elsword#'(‘Elsword’ Brand shop) located in Hyundai Department Store, Pangyo branch on the event day from 10:30 AM. It will be one ticket for one person and viewers can select the viewing time for their preference.

Nexon will provide complimentary cheer stick to every viewer so that they can cheer their favorite characters as much as they like.

‘Elsword: El Lady’ is the animation produced based on the world view and story of ‘Elsword.’ Main characters such as ‘Elsword’, ‘Aisha’, ‘Rena’, and ‘Raven’, etc. will appear in the animation.

The animation contains the relationship among characters and the behind story not revealed in the game. It tells about the journey of ‘El Search party’ which starts from ‘Hamel – the city of water’ where the main story takes place.

Meanwhile, the opening and ending scores and the preview of the first episode of ‘Elsword: El Lady’ is pre-released via the Animation Information Page. You can check out the battle between ‘Elsword’ party and demons to save kidnapped ‘priestess of water’ when they arrived in Hamel.

If you want more details regarding the’Elsword: El Lady’VVIP premiere, please check the Animation Information Page
(http://elsword.nexon.com/events2016/1117/ani.aspx)and ‘Elsword’ Official Homepage(http://elsword.nexon.com/)

Animation Premiere Information Page: Link
The preview of the first episode of ‘Elsword: El Lady’: Watch Now
‘Elsword’ Official Hompage: Link

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