Animation Artisan Spirit

Animation is often compared with the work of an ‘artisan.’
It is because of the delicacy of the work, manpower trained with a long apprentice period, and
the passion and tenacity of the artists who strive for higher quality as their experiences and skills accumulate.
An animation should carry one’s affection and pride for a film which lasts forever once it is created.
‘Animation Artisan Spirit’ – this is the animation philosophy of DR MOVIE.

World Class High Quality Animation Production Company

DR MOVIE started the business in 1990 as a small animation company, and now has become a company with over 200 employees providing the highest quality, creativity, and enjoyable animation.
The company has been producing services for those companies in Japan including Mad House, Studio Ghibli as well as those companies in the USA such as Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Marvel and Film Roman. It has made lots of quality shows, especially in realistic animation.

New Challenge

Preparing for the next digital media age, DR Movie has set up digital animation system for all parts of producing process (Pre-pro., 3D CG & 2D digital) since early 1999. DR MOVIE has been recognized as a leader in animation production of Korea.
Remember the name, DR MOVIE. Expect the highest quality, creativity and enjoyable animation shows from DR MOVIE.