Company Name
DR MOVIE Co., Ltd.
Paid-up Capital
780,500,000 won (as of April, 2017)
Established Date
Nov. 1990 (May. 2000, Corporated)
Business Area
Creatoin and production of 2D, 3D Animation
OEM Production ordered from USA and Japan
In-house Staffs
Management and Planning, Marketing (11)
Animators (179, In-House), Productuon Management (15)
Production Capacity
10 episodes of 30 min. TV series per month, 4 DTVs per year
Production Network
DR Busan (30, in-between & coloring)
Mirae (30, Located in Shenyang, China), Hwai (50, Located in Wuxi, China)
Studio Raon (10, 3D and Stereoscopic)
Overseas Shareholders
Mad House (Japan, 3.2% stake)
TMS Entertainment (Japan, 14.5% stake)